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Worship Location

Redeemer Reformed Church 1We meet on Sunday mornings for worship at 9:00 a.m. at First Lutheran Church, Oklahoma City, at NW 12th and North Robinson Ave. (1300 N. Robinson Ave., Oklahoma City OK, 73103). We have developed an excellent partnership with First Lutheran. While we are a completely separate church, we share the solas of the Reformation with them and pray for their ministry. These two churches share a beautiful, historic Oklahoma City building for the purpose of advancing the Kingdom of Christ.

Sanctuary insideAccess to the sanctuary is from the front door (facing west) as well as the main building access facing south. The front of the sanctuary has stairs and the south entrance does not. Just inside the south entrance is the elevator which lifts to the sanctuary level.

A large parking lot is located behind the church on the east side. Another lot is across Robinson from the sanctuary (there is a business sign on this lot, but they allow Sunday parking). Unmetered parking spaces also line the street. There is a drop-off area in front of the south entrance doors.

In the history of Redeemer, we met our first 6 years at First Presbyterian Church of Oklahoma City in their chapel. You may still find artifacts on the internet alluding to this, but we are completely housed (pastor’s office and all) at First Lutheran as of February 2015.

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